Definition of Set chisel

1. Noun. Narrow chisel made of steel; used to cut stone or bricks.

Exact synonyms: Cold Chisel
Generic synonyms: Chisel

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Literary usage of Set chisel

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Jurisdiction and Practice of the High Court of Admiralty: Including a by Robert Griffith Williams, Gainsford Bruce (1869)
"The "Brother Jonathan" was then hacked astern, and came upon the port side of the schooner and threw her a large cold-set chisel, made to cut cold iron, ..."

2. Routledge's Every Boy's Annual by Edmund Routledge (1867)
"A keen, well-set chisel will cut through the work with rapidity and trail, leaving a natural smoothness and polish on the wood which no amou:>' of ..."

3. Renascence: The Sculptured Tombs of the Fifteenth Century in Rome, with by Gerald Stanley Davies (1916)
"... and in lesser men, such as Gian Cristoforo—before ever Michelangelo had set chisel to the Moses or climbed the scaffold of the Sistine. ..."

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