Definition of Set in stone

1. Adjective. No longer changeable. "The agreement is not yet set in stone"

Exact synonyms: Carved In Stone
Similar to: Unchangeable

Definition of Set in stone

1. Adjective. (idiomatic) permanent; certain; firm ¹

2. Verb. to make permanent, certain, or firm ¹

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Literary usage of Set in stone

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Line by Shay Villere, Plauche Villere, 3rd (2006)
"However, with the way things had gone in the last few days of my life, nothing was set in stone. The nurse returned with the pills and a cup of water. ..."

2. The Illustrated Annual Register of Rural Affairs and Cultivator Almanac for by John Jacob Thomas (1870)
"Being set in stone, there is a perfect drainage, and such posts will last at least two or three times as long as if set in moist earth. ..."

3. Notes on Docks and Dock Construction by Charles Colson (1906)
"Anchor-bolts.1—In recent investigations of the strength and adhesion of iron anchor-bolts set in stone masonry, Mr. Robert Moore, Chief Engineer of the St. ..."

4. Specifications for Practical Architecture: Preceded by an Essay on the Alfred Bartholomew by Alfred Bartholomew (1840)
"To raise the south garden-wall 2 feet higher with new grey stock brick-work set in stone-lime mortar ; to inclose the east end of the intended garden with a ..."

5. Stone; an Illustrated Magazine (1893)
"In all the tests, with one exception, the bolt was set in stone 6 inches; in the test with leadpipe, 6j^ inches. The stones were prepared in lo-inch cubes, ..."

6. Aide-mémoire to the Military Sciences: Framed from Contributions of Officers by Great Britain Army. Royal Engineers (1860)
"The above observations are chiefly applicable to the loophole when formed in brick ; but when the wall is of stone, or the loophole itself set in stone in a ..."

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