Definition of Shop clerk

1. Noun. A salesperson in a store.

Exact synonyms: Clerk, Salesclerk, Shop Assistant
Generic synonyms: Sales Rep, Sales Representative, Salesperson
Specialized synonyms: Shop Boy, Shop Girl
Derivative terms: Clerkship
Language type: Britain

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Literary usage of Shop clerk

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Manual Training Magazine (1918)
"I put my shop clerk behind bars—a regular miniature office in one corner of the room with ... By the way, I think the shop clerk idea is a valuable one; ..."

2. News, Ads, and Sales: The Use of English for Commercial Purposes by John Baker Opdycke (1914)
"As a department shop clerk, would you receive a wage or a commission, or both ? ... If you were a department shop clerk, do you think that you could tell at ..."

3. Technical Reports by Miami Conservancy District (Ohio) (1921)
"A piece to be repaired came into the shop and the shop clerk wrote out the ... When the shop clerk wrote an order, it was numbered and one copy handed to ..."

4. Manufacturing Costs and Accounts by Alexander Hamilton Church (1917)
"The main thing is to have it done swiftly and accurately the same night, so that a list is ready for each shop clerk early next morning, covering all his ..."

5. Cost Keeping and Scientific Management by Holden A. Evans (1911)
"shop clerk. The shop clerk will keep a card record of the workmen, date of employment, rate of pay, promotions, reductions, home address, when disciplined, ..."

6. Life in the Mofussil; Or, The Civilian in Lower Bengal by G. Graham (1878)
"Ram Singh came to my shop " Clerk (utters some abuse, sotto voce, against the complainant's female relatives. ..."

7. Proceedings of the Western Gas Association Annual Meeting by Western Gas Association (1904)
"In like manner the shop clerk keeps up the meter route-books from the carbon copy of the meter work sheet. The leaves in the ledger and the slips in the ..."

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