Definition of Shop floor

1. Noun. Workplace consisting of the part of a factory housing the machines. "The productive work is done on the shop floor"

Group relationships: Factory, Manufactory, Manufacturing Plant, Mill
Generic synonyms: Work, Workplace

Definition of Shop floor

1. Noun. The public area of a retail shop, as distinct from the offices and other rooms. ¹

2. Noun. The work area of a workshop, separate from the offices and other rooms. ¹

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Literary usage of Shop floor

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Capital, the State, and Labour: A Global Perspective by Juliet Schor, Jong-Il You (1995)
"Whereas UK employers simply left skills on the shop floor and American employers sought to take skills off the shop floor, Japanese employers have put ..."

2. Manufacturing Systems: Foundations of World-Class Practice by Joseph A. Heim (1992)
"A disciplined shop floor is required in which local decisions are not changed without ... shop floor personnel must be integrated into TCM activities and be ..."

3. Modern Machine Shop Construction, Equipment and Management by Charles Oscar Eugene Perrigo (1905)
"The machine shop floor. Construction of the gallery floors. Wood joist construction. ... Carpenter shop floor. The cupola platform, or charging floor. ..."

4. Design and Analysis of Integrated Manufacturing Systems by W. Dale Compton (1988)
"interactive and used by shop floor scheduling supervisors. FACTORâ„¢ supports two types of users in providing a shop floor scheduling system. ..."

5. Report of the Proceedings of the ... Annual Convention of the American (1905)
"When all our principal American combination shops (that is, those engaged on both locomotive and car work) are listed, it is found that smith shop floor ..."

6. The Factory Manager and Accountant: Some Examples of the Latest American by Horace Lucian Arnold (1903)
"The factory fronts south, with drawing rooms to the left, level with the offices and machine-shop floor, on, a plot of ground lying on the west side of the ..."

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