Definition of Show time

1. Noun. The point in time at which an entertainment (a movie or television show etc.) is scheduled to begin.

Generic synonyms: Point, Point In Time

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Literary usage of Show time

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Transactions of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers by American Society of Mechanical Engineers (1899)
"A careless operator could, by this method, easily produce very incorrect results; while an expert operator, if inclined to be dishonest, could show time ..."

2. Trial Evidence: The Rules of Evidence Applicable on the Trial of Civil by Austin Abbott (1880)
"15971. declarations to show time or character of delivery of, 158. to married woman, parol to explain, 1R9. to wife of property paid for by husband, ..."

3. Progressive Lessons in English by Sidney Grant Firman (1910)
"... 254 HOW VERBS show time: THE PRESENT AND THE PAST I write. I wrote. Each of the above verbs expresses the same action, but with a difference of time. ..."

4. A Konkani Grammar by Angelus Francis Xavier Maffei (1882)
"To show time in answer to the question "when"; ... This 2nd Locative is used, I said, under 2, to show time; yet this is not the ..."

5. Public School Methods (1921)
"The pupils must know that at any given moment places lying to the east of a given point show time later in the day, and places west of that given point show ..."

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