Definition of Showily

1. Adverb. With ostentation; in an ostentatious manner. "Mr Khrushchev ostentatiously wooed and embraced Castro at the U.N. general assembly"

Exact synonyms: Ostentatiously
Partainyms: Ostentatious, Showy

2. Adverb. In a fancy colorful manner. "He dresses rather flamboyantly"
Exact synonyms: Flamboyantly, Flashily
Partainyms: Flamboyant, Flashy, Showy

Definition of Showily

1. adv. In a showy manner; pompously; with parade.

Definition of Showily

1. Adverb. In a showy manner. ¹

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Definition of Showily

1. in a showy manner [adv]

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Literary usage of Showily

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Introduction to Latin Composition by William Francis Allen (1882)
"You can dine more showily with many, nowhere more gaily, more simply, freer-from-restraint. In fine, make-a-trial, and unless hereafter you excuse yourself ..."

2. The Surgeon's Daughter and Castle Dangerous: With General Glossary by Walter Scott (1879)
"The elder and stouter of the two travellers whom we have mentioned, was a person well, and even showily dressed, according to the finery of the times, ..."

3. A German and English Dictionary by Karl. Breul (1906)
"II. a. to awake by thundering III. refi, fidi —, to dress showily or vulgarly. ... showily dressed ; fein getragen roar febr —b, his conduct gave occasion ..."

4. Chambers's Etymological Dictionary of the English Language by James Donald, William Chambers (1878)
"... vt, to display or adorn showily:— Pr.p. prank'ing; pa.p. pranked'. ... showy, or warlike manner; to ride showily; to bound gaily, as a horse '. ..."

5. An Arabic-English Vocabulary of the Colloquial Arabic of Egypt: Containing Socrates Spiro by Socrates Spiro (1895)
"... to dress showily, dress one's best. ... showily dressed, dressed in one's best. ... act of dressing showily, dressing one's best, ..."

6. The Royal Phraseological English-French, French-English Dictionary by John Charles Tarver (1845)
"showily, adv. A woman showily dressed, une femme mise avec faste ; brillamment. The house is showily furnished, cette maison est ..."

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