Definition of Simple interest

1. Noun. Interest paid on the principal alone.

Generic synonyms: Interest

Definition of Simple interest

1. Noun. (finance) interest paid only on the principal. ¹

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Literary usage of Simple interest

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Daboll's Schoolmaster's Assistant: Improved and Enlarged : Being a Plain by Nathan Daboll, Samuel Green (1844)
"+ simple interest BY DECIMALS. A TABLE OF RATIOS. Ratio is the simple interest of II. for one year; or in federal money, of $1 for one year, at the rate per ..."

2. A Trustee's Handbook by Augustus Peabody Loring (1907)
"6 If he was directed to invest in a particular stock or fund, the beneficiary may elect to take simple interest, or the number of shares the money would ..."

3. Algebra: An Elementary Text-book, for the Higher Classes of Secondary by George Chrystal (1904)
"This is tailed paying simple interest on the borrowed capital. The amount to be paid by way of interest is usually stated as so much per cent per annum. ..."

4. Principles of Accounting by William Andrew Paton, Russell Alger Stevenson (1916)
"When interest is not added to the principal in this manner, it is called simple interest. The distinction between simple and compound interest is an ..."

5. Commentaries on American Law by James Kent, Charles M. Barnes (1884)
"... or mingles it with his own, the court will charge Ыш with simple interest, and, in cases of gross delinquency, with seems to be equally settled, ..."

6. A New and Complete System of Arithmetick: Composed for the Use of the by Nicolas Pike, Chester Dewey (1832)
"simple interest. Note. By this Rule, Commission, Brokerage, Insurance, purchasing Stocks ... simple interest is that which is allowed on the Principal only. ..."

7. Mathematics of Finance by Henry Lewis Rietz, Arthur Robert Crathorne, J. Charles Rietz (1921)
"(1) We can solve a variety of simple interest problems by the use of this relation, since we can solve it for any one of the four letters as an unknown in ..."

8. The Mathematical Theory of Investment by Ernest Brown Skinner (1913)
"simple interest. Broadly speaking, interest is defined as the income on capital ... simple interest is interest which is proportional to the time. ..."

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