Definition of Single-spacing

1. Noun. Typing that does not leave lines blank.

Generic synonyms: Typewriting, Typing

Definition of Single-spacing

1. Verb. (present participle of single-space) ¹

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Literary usage of Single-spacing

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Commercial Letters by John Baker Opdycke, Celia Anne Drew (1918)
"single spaced or double spaced; the single spacing is preferable, however. ... In cases where the letter content is long, however, the single spacing should ..."

2. Problems in Office Practice and Business Style by Harold Strumpf (1922)
"If single spacing is employed, there must be double spacing between the inside ... (c) A very long letter should have narrower margins and single spacing. ..."

3. The Business of Insurance: A Text Book and Reference Work Covering All Lines by Howard Potter Dunham (1912)
"Single spacing—the adjustment of the typewriter in such a way that only a single " spacing " separates one line from the other—is both economical of space ..."

4. Mining Engineers' Handbook by Robert Peele (1918)
"The form is a modification of that used by DW Brunft ()). Each line represents a distinct operation. Single spacing indicates »t ore passes from the ..."

5. Effective Business Letters: Their Requirements and Preparation, with by Edward Hall Gardner (1916)
"A larger majority, 62 per cent, used single spacing, and since the nature of the letter required long paragraphs, it may be supposed that in routine letters ..."

6. Better Business English: A Working Manual for the Business Writer, Including by John Matthews Manly, John Arthur Powell (1921)
"The single spacing of the address and the double spacing of the body of the letter is a practice not to be commended. (2) "Whether a paragraph should be ..."

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