Definition of Ski lift

1. Noun. A powered conveyance that carries skiers up a hill.

Exact synonyms: Lift, Ski Tow
Specialized synonyms: Chair Lift, Chairlift, Rope Tow, Surface Lift
Generic synonyms: Conveyance, Transport
Derivative terms: Lift, Lift

Definition of Ski lift

1. Noun. A device that transports skiers up a mountain. ¹

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Literary usage of Ski lift

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Landscapes of Slovenia: A Countryside Guide by David Robertson, Sarah Stewart (2003)
"... bear left; in a further four minutes you reach a ski lift.' Leave the main track here and, after walking around a large crater, you will meet the first ..."

2. Italian Lakes by David Robertson, Sarah Stewart (2004)
"A few metres past an ELECTRICITY SUBSTATION, at a junction, keep ahead towards a small ski lift. (Butfor the Alternative walk, ..."

3. Concessions Contracting: Governmentwide Rates of Return by DIANE Publishing Company (1996)
"... such as adding a ski lift or extending a ski lift to the top of a mountain. Analysis of financial data reported in our questionnaire showed that ..."

4. Adventure Guide to the Alps by Krista Dana (2004)
"... was a pioneer among European ski resorts, constructing Austria's first ski lift on the Hahnenkamm in 1928. Today's skiing facilities include 60 lifts ..."

5. Adventure Guide to the Inside Passage and Coastal Alaska by Lynn Readicker-Henderson (2002)
"In winter, you can ski here, and that, of course, means there's a ski lift. This one was once used in Sun Valley, so you might be sitting where Marilyn ..."

6. Adventure Guide to Hungary by Dante Mena (2007)
"... is the ski lift. The last column is the telephone number. After you click for English, then switch your search to the locations and click on ..."

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