Definition of Ski jumper

1. Noun. A skier who leaps through the air (especially on a ski jump).

Generic synonyms: Jumper, Skier

Definition of Ski jumper

1. Noun. Someone who competes in ski jumping ¹

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Literary usage of Ski jumper

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Computer Science Research Activities in Asia: AI and Expert Systems by David K. Kahaner (1994)
"The ski jumper must have had a special significance because of the great success of the Japanese ski jumpers at the Winter Olympics in Albertville. ..."

2. Story Hour Readings: Seventh Year by Ernest Clark Hartwell (1921)
"Only a Rocky Mountain sheep jumps mountains well, except a ski jumper. A queer trait of the ski is that you master this ยป arbitrary domineer of the snow by ..."

3. The Last Voyage of the Karluk, Flagship of Vilhjalmar Stefansson's Canadian by Ralph Tracy Hale (1916)
"Mamen was from Norway and had been a famous ski-jumper in that land of winter sports; he had won many prizes for his skill. I knew that Nansen, ..."

4. Switzerland in Winter: Discursive Information for Visitors by Will Cadby, Carine Cadby (1914)
"Such a shop is kept by Christian Klopfenstein at Adelboden, who, having made a name for himself as a ski-jumper in his youth, has now settled down in life. ..."

5. Gaston Olaf by Henry Oyen (1917)
"Upward and outward he flew through the air, standing up taut and straight, arms stretched above his head, the air-splitting ski-jumper at his best. ..."

6. Five Hundred Fun Facts About Japan by DIANE Publishing Company, Dorothy Perkins (1994)
"These were the first Winter Olympics ever held in Asia. Kasaya Yukio, a Japanese ski jumper, won Japan's first gold medal in a Winter Olympics. ..."

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