Definition of Slave market

1. Noun. A marketplace where slaves were auctioned off (especially in the southern United States before the American Civil War).

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Literary usage of Slave market

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Hunt's Merchants' Magazine by Freeman Hunt (1841)
"slave market AT CONSTANTINOPLE. Mrs. Dawson Darner says, in her " Tour in Greece, Turkey, and Egypt:"—We took the slave market on our road home, where, ..."

2. Christian Missions and Social Progress: A Sociological Study of Foreign Missions by James Shepard Dennis (1899)
"... by receiving all freed slaves committed to Zanzibar, ..,.,- . old slave-market at its care, some of whom have been trained for the native ministry. ..."

3. Transatlantic Sketches, Comprising Visits to the Most Interesting Scenes in by James Edward Alexander (1833)
"A Slave Ship—A slave market.—Some Slaves more degraded than beasts of burden.—French Slaves. —British Planters cannot compete with Foreigners if the present ..."

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