Definition of Specify

1. Verb. Specify as a condition or requirement in a contract or agreement; make an express demand or provision in an agreement. "The contract stipulates the dates of the payments"

Exact synonyms: Condition, Qualify, Stipulate
Generic synonyms: Contract, Undertake
Related verbs: Stipulate
Specialized synonyms: Provide
Derivative terms: Condition, Condition, Condition, Qualification, Specification, Specification, Stipulation, Stipulatory

2. Verb. Decide upon or fix definitely. "Specify the parameters"
Exact synonyms: Define, Determine, Fix, Limit, Set
Specialized synonyms: Quantify, Name, Reset, Define
Generic synonyms: Choose, Pick Out, Select, Take
Derivative terms: Determinant, Determiner, Determiner, Limit, Limit, Set

3. Verb. Determine the essential quality of.
Exact synonyms: Define, Delimit, Delimitate, Delineate
Specialized synonyms: Determine, Redefine
Generic synonyms: Be
Derivative terms: Delineation

4. Verb. Be specific about. "They specify that there was a traffic accident "; "Could you please specify your criticism of my paper?"

5. Verb. Define clearly. "I cannot narrow down the rules for this game"
Exact synonyms: Nail Down, Narrow, Narrow Down, Peg Down, Pin Down
Generic synonyms: Determine
Specialized synonyms: Concretize
Derivative terms: Specifier

6. Verb. Design or destine. "She was intended to become the director"
Exact synonyms: Designate, Destine, Intend
Generic synonyms: Plan
Specialized synonyms: Mean, Design, Slate, Aim, Calculate, Direct
Derivative terms: Destination

7. Verb. Select something or someone for a specific purpose. "The teacher assigned him to lead his classmates in the exercise"
Exact synonyms: Assign, Set Apart
Generic synonyms: Choose, Pick Out, Select, Take
Specialized synonyms: Dedicate, Detail
Derivative terms: Assignment, Specification

Definition of Specify

1. v. t. To mention or name, as a particular thing; to designate in words so as to distinguish from other things; as, to specify the uses of a plant; to specify articles purchased.

Definition of Specify

1. Verb. (transitive) To state explicitly, or in detail, or as a condition. ¹

2. Verb. (transitive) To include in a specification. ¹

3. Verb. (transitive) To bring about a specific result. ¹

¹ Source:

Definition of Specify

1. to state in detail [v -FIED, -FYING, -FIES]

Medical Definition of Specify

1. To mention or name, as a particular thing; to designate in words so as to distinguish from other things; as, to specify the uses of a plant; to specify articles purchased. "He has there given us an exact geography of Greece, where the countries and the uses of their soils are specified." (Pope) Origin: F. Specifier, or OF. Especifier, fr. LL. Specificare. See Species, -fy. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Specify

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"Engine and operating environment information unless you specify the SHORT option. A detailed listing of integrity constraints if the data set has ..."

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"... and does not further specify, then " cattle" is to be construed as including all kinds of cattle,2 and "machinery" as including all kinds of machinery,2 ..."

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"It is also advisable to specify the teaching staff (European and native) and the number of pupils receiving instruction in handicrafts and agriculture. ..."

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"The lease did not specify any particular part of the land, nor restrict the lessee to the use of any particular number of acres. In November, 1904, HH Sapp ..."

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"[*338] THE PLEADINGS MUST specify THE NAMES OP PERSONS, (m) First, this rule applies to the parties to the suit. The declaration must set forth accurately ..."

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