Definition of Spikelet

1. Noun. A small sharp-pointed tip resembling a spike on a stem or leaf.

Exact synonyms: Pricker, Prickle, Spine, Sticker, Thorn
Generic synonyms: Aculeus
Specialized synonyms: Glochid, Glochidium
Derivative terms: Prick, Prickly, Spinous, Stick, Thorny

Definition of Spikelet

1. n. A small or secondary spike; especially, one of the ultimate parts of the in florescence of grasses. See Illust. of Quaking grass.

Definition of Spikelet

1. Noun. (botany) A small, or secondary spike, especially one of many in the inflorescence of a grass or sedge ¹

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Definition of Spikelet

1. a type of flower cluster [n -S]

Medical Definition of Spikelet

1. A unit of the inflorescence in grasses, sedges and some other monocotyledons, consisting of one to many flowers and associated glumes. (09 Oct 1997)

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Literary usage of Spikelet

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Class-book of Botany: Being Outlines of the Structure, Physiology, and by Alphonso Wood (1873)
"6 spikelet closed, e spikelet open, d Ovary an.l pistils. ... Ь spikelet in, with its bristly involucre, e spikelet if the same in flower, showing two of ..."

2. Botany by Geological Survey of California, William Henry Brewer, Sereno Watson, Asa Gray (1880)
"spikelet 2-flowered, with or without a rudiment of a third ... Abortive flowers of several empty palets ill a separate spikelet from the ..."

3. A Text-book of Grasses with Especial Reference to the Economic Species of by Albert Spear Hitchcock (1914)
"Plant reduced; spikelet, the floret raised from the glumes. (US Dept. Agr. Div. ... spikelet and a lower floret, X 1 211 45. Arrhenatherum elatius. ..."

4. A Flora of Western Middle California by Willis Linn Jepson (1901)
"LOLIUM. lets is turned towards the notch; bracts 2 to each spikelet 43. ... Flowers solitary in each spikelet; rachis jointed at the nodes, each internode ..."

5. The Forest Flora of North-west and Central India: A Handbook of the by John Lindsay Stewart, Dietrich Brandis (1874)
"spikelet*) generally many-flowered ; empty glumes 2 or more, the lower shorter, the upper similar to the flowering glumes. Palea 2-keeled, keels generally ..."

6. Manual of the Botany of the Northern United States: Including the District by Asa Gray, Sereno Watson (1890)
"A spikelet of I), glomerata magnified and displayed. ... A magnified spikelet of E. obtusata, expanded, showing the empty glumes, the two flowers, ..."

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