Definition of Spin doctor

1. Noun. A public relations person who tries to forestall negative publicity by publicizing a favorable interpretation of the words or actions of a company or political party or famous person. "His title is Director of Communications but he is just a spin doctor"

Exact synonyms: Spinmeister
Generic synonyms: Public Relations Person

Definition of Spin doctor

1. Noun. A person employed to gloss over a poor public image (or present it in a better light) in business and politics, especially after unfavourable results have been achieved. A lobbyist; PR person. ¹

2. Verb. To generate spin (''favourable interpretation or bias''). ¹

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Literary usage of Spin doctor

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Death of Spin? Communication in the 21st Century by George Pitcher (2002)
"The term 'spin doctor' migrated across the Atlantic in the late 1980s and was applied to that breed of highly politicised adviser who sought to 'interpret' ..."

2. State of the Nation: South Africa 2007 by Sakhela Buhlungu (2007)
"... media spin doctor. Ngoro had said in an essay on his website that coloured people were culturally inferior to black people, whom he termed 'Africans'. ..."

3. Time and Fateby Lance Price by Lance Price (2005)
"As a former spin doctor, if I had wanted to do that I would have used far less subtle means. The plot is a topical one, however, and so I wasn't able to ..."

4. Poker Without Cards: A Consciousness Thriller by Ben Mack (2005)
"My favorite part of the movie is when, at the beginning, DeNiro is brought in as a spin doctor. He's taken to a special, secret room in the White House. ..."

5. An Inverted Sort of Prayer by Chris F. Needham (2006)
"I listened to Dominic's laughter reverberate out across the water. "So you're like tins, what, this spin-doctor dien," I said when he was not ..."

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