Definition of Spin around

1. Verb. Revolve quickly and repeatedly around one's own axis. "These balls spin around easily"; "The dervishes whirl around and around without getting dizzy"

Exact synonyms: Gyrate, Reel, Spin, Whirl
Generic synonyms: Go Around, Revolve, Rotate
Specialized synonyms: Whirligig
Derivative terms: Gyration, Gyration, Spin, Spinner, Whirl, Whirl, Whirler, Whirler

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Literary usage of Spin around

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. St. Nicholas by Mary Mapes Dodge (1915)
"a:e thcr-vanes are made to spin around and around with the wind just for the ... They do not spin around, but only serve to tell us from which direction the ..."

2. Athletic Training by Michael C. Murphy (1914)
"After the athlete has learned to throw fairly well with one turn he should try the double turn, that is, to spin around twice before letting go of the ..."

3. Read and Understand Science: Grades 2-3 by Jo Ellen Moore (2002)
"Across 4. the Sun and the planets that travel around it 6. the time it takes Earth to travel around the Sun Down 1. the time it takes Earth to spin around ..."

4. Grammar and Dictionary of the Buluba-Lulua Language as Spoken in the Upper by William McCutchan Morrison (1906)
"... to turn around, revolve, rotate, whirl, spin around, be inverted, be turned around. ... vt., to invert, turn around, reverse, whirl around, spin around. ..."

5. Intimate Golf Talks by John Duncan Dunn, Elon Jessup (1920)
"But even though the hub does travel more slowly it has to spin around with it. The two must spin around with it. The two must spin in harmony. ..."

6. Annual Statements of the Railroad and Canal Companies by New Jersey Comptroller of the Treasury, New Jersey Dept. of State, New Jersey Legislature (1911)
"November 15th—Leroy W. Porter, putting brake off car the dog slipped out of rachet, causing wheel to spin around and bruise his hands, Barracks yard, ..."

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