Definition of Spotted bat

1. Noun. A large bat of the southwestern United States having spots and enormous ears.

Exact synonyms: Euderma Maculata, Jackass Bat
Generic synonyms: Vespertilian Bat, Vespertilionid
Group relationships: Euderma, Genus Euderma

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Literary usage of Spotted bat

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Ecosystem Disturbance and Wildlife Conservation in Western Grasslands: A edited by Deborah M. Finch (1998)
"... spotted bat Species of concern Cracks and crevices in rocky cliffs or under loose rocks. (Euderma maculatum) Big free-tailed bat Species of concern ..."

2. California Mammals by Frank Stephens (1906)
"spotted bat. First upper premolar minute; ears marked with numerous transverse lines; nose without a leaf or other excrescence; face thinly haired; ..."

3. The Cumulative Book Index by H.W. Wilson Company (1911)
"... and reptiles from the islands north of Venezuela- pa. 50c. '10. Field museum of natural history. Bats. Grinnell, J. Second record of the spotted bat ..."

4. Description of a New Species of Sea Snake from the Philippine Islands: With by John Van Denburgh, Joseph Cheesman Thompson (1908)
"... and east to Panamint Mountains, Inyo County (Miller, N. Amer. Fauna, 13, 1897, p. 114). Euderma maculatum (JA Allen) spotted bat Original ..."

5. British Farmer's Magazine (1853)
"Vegetation, however, appears willing to advance ; wheat, seeds, and winter tares, in some cases, are much spotted, bat blanks may yet fill up under ordinary ..."

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