Definition of Spotted cowbane

1. Noun. Tall biennial water hemlock of northeastern North America having purple-spotted stems and clusters of extremely poisonous tuberous roots resembling small sweet potatoes.

Exact synonyms: Spotted Hemlock, Spotted Water Hemlock
Group relationships: Cicuta, Genus Cicuta
Generic synonyms: Poisonous Plant

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Literary usage of Spotted cowbane

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. With the Wild Flowers from Pussy-willow to Thistledown: A Rural Chronicle of by Maud Going (1894)
"... little grooves and little ridges running lengthwise. Generally it is strongly streaked with purple. spotted cowbane grows from three to six feet tall. ..."

2. Bulletin by North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station (Fargo) (1899)
"This plant is also commonly called cowbane, spotted cowbane, spotted beaver poison, spotted parsley, children's bane and musquash root. ..."

3. Botany of the United States North of Virginia: Comprising Descriptions of by Lewis Caleb Beck (1848)
"Poisonous and medicinal. Big. Med. Bat. i. 125. spotted cowbane. Water Hemlock. 2. C. bulbifera Linn.: leaves various, ternate and hi-ternate; ..."

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