Definition of Square deal

1. Noun. Fair treatment.

Exact synonyms: Fair Deal
Generic synonyms: Deal

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Literary usage of Square deal

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Theodore Roosevelt: An Autobiography by Theodore Roosevelt (1913)
"... AND THE square deal -^^ NE of the vital questions with which as President I had to deal was the attitude of the Nation toward the great corporations. ..."

2. Education by Project Innovation (Organization) (1919)
"10 SEVENTH ANNUAL CONVENTION ON RURAL EDUCATION AT The State Normal School, Worcester, Mass. THEME : A square deal for Every Child in the Commonwealth ..."

3. Scott's Official History of the American Negro in the World War by Emmett Jay Scott (1919)
"In discussing the question, "Did the Negro soldier get a square deal?" it is pertinent, first, to show the occasion for the inquiry, and, incidentally, ..."

4. The Arena by Harry Houdini Collection (Library of Congress) (1908)
"The Arena OCTOBER, 1908 A "square deal" FOR THE RAILROADS. BY CARL S. VROOMAN. THERE is no disputing the fact that during the past year the railroads have ..."

5. The Days of a Man: Being Memories of a Naturalist, Teacher, and Minor by David Starr Jordan (1922)
"In the State House at Austin he delivered the best speech I ever heard him give. His topic was "The square deal," in which phrase he embodied his intention ..."

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