Definition of Statistical table

1. Noun. A table of statistical data.

Exact synonyms: Actuarial Table
Generic synonyms: Table, Tabular Array
Specialized synonyms: Mortality Table

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Literary usage of Statistical table

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The American Indian in the United States, Period 1850-1914 by Warren King Moorehead (1914)
"A statistical table. PREPARED BY MEN AND WOMEN IN THE FIELD The past forty years we have had statistics on Indian advancement in the Secretary of the ..."

2. Journal of the Statistical Society of London by Statistical Society (Great Britain) (1883)
"If several qualitative differences are to be exhibited in one table, we get a composite statistical table. This is the case, when, for instance, the sex, ..."

3. The Encyclopedia Americana: A Library of Universal Knowledge (1920)
"Such a table is called a simple statistical table. Similarly we may construct another table, but giving here the number of wage-earners in each class. ..."

4. The American Almanac and Repository of Useful Knowledge for the Year edited by Jared Sparks, Francis Bowen, George Partridge Sanger (1833)
"The preceding statistical table of Europe is taken from the " AWg£ de eog: aphie " of M. Adrien Balbi, a distinguished statistical and geographi- 1 writer; ..."

5. An Historical and Descriptive Account of British America: Comprehending by Hugh Murray (1839)
"... last War—Subsequent Events— General statistical table—St John, the Capital—Eastern Coast, Ferryland, &c—Conception and Trinity Bays, Harbour Grace, &c. ..."

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