Definition of Statistics

1. Noun. A branch of applied mathematics concerned with the collection and interpretation of quantitative data and the use of probability theory to estimate population parameters.

Examples of category: Sampling, Distribution, Statistical Distribution, Centile, Percentile, Decile, Quartile, Cross Section, Grab Sample, Random Sample, Experimental Variable, Independent Variable, Degree Of Freedom, Dependent Variable, Predictor Variable, Bernoulli's Law, Law Of Large Numbers, Bayes' Theorem, Bayes' Postulate, Statistical Method, Statistical Procedure, Least Squares, Method Of Least Squares, Multivariate Analysis, Statistic, Average, Norm, Demographic, Deviation, Moment, Distribution Free Statistic, Nonparametric Statistic, Parametric Statistic, Outlier, Mean Deviation, Mean Deviation From The Mean, Modal Value, Mode, Median, Median Value, Mean, Mean Value, Arithmetic Mean, Expectation, Expected Value, First Moment, Geometric Mean, Harmonic Mean, Second Moment, Variance, Standard Deviation, Covariance, Frequency Distribution, Gaussian Distribution, Normal Distribution, Poisson Distribution, Bell-shaped Curve, Gaussian Curve, Gaussian Shape, Normal Curve, Population, Universe, Subpopulation, Sample, Sample Distribution, Sampling, Random Sample, Proportional Sample, Representative Sample, Stratified Sample, Regression, Regression Toward The Mean, Simple Regression, Statistical Regression, Multiple Correlation, Multiple Regression, Multicollinearity, Regression Analysis, Regression Equation, Regression Of Y On X, Regression Coefficient, Linear Regression, Rectilinear Regression, Curvilinear Regression, Regression Curve, Regression Line, Time Series, Vital Statistics, Correlational Analysis, Correlation Matrix, Factor Analysis, Analysis Of Variance, Anova, Correlation Table, Curvilinear Correlation, Nonlinear Correlation, Skew Correlation, Partial Correlation, First-order Correlation, Coefficient Of Correlation, Correlation, Correlation Coefficient, Covariation, Direct Correlation, Positive Correlation, Indirect Correlation, Negative Correlation, Pearson Product-moment Correlation Coefficient, Product-moment Correlation Coefficient, Multiple Correlation Coefficient, Biserial Correlation, Biserial Correlation Coefficient, Rank-difference Correlation, Rank-difference Correlation Coefficient, Rank-order Correlation, Rank-order Correlation Coefficient, Kendall Test, Kendall Partial Rank Correlation, Coefficient Of Concordance, Kendall Rank Correlation, Kendall's Tau, Tau Coefficient Of Correlation, Fourfold Point Correlation, Phi Coefficient, Phi Correlation, Chance-half Correlation, Split-half Correlation, Tetrachoric Correlation, Tetrachoric Correlation Coefficient, Spurious Correlation, Bernoulli Distribution, Binomial Distribution, Binomial Theorem, Probability Theory, Theory Of Probability, Information Theory, Actuary, Statistician, Weight, Weighting, Co-vary, Bimodal, Unimodal, Average, Mean, Average, Median, Average, Modal, Subnormal, Supernormal, Ergodic, Stochastic, Significant, Nonsignificant, Multivariate, Nonparametric
Generic synonyms: Applied Math, Applied Mathematics
Terms within: Statistical Method, Statistical Procedure
Specialized synonyms: Correlation, Correlational Statistics, Nonparametric Statistics, Biometrics, Biometry, Biostatistics
Derivative terms: Statistical, Statistician, Statistician

Definition of Statistics

1. n. The science which has to do with the collection and classification of certain facts respecting the condition of the people in a state.

Definition of Statistics

1. Noun. (context: singular in construction) A mathematical science concerned with data collection, presentation, analysis, and interpretation. ¹

2. Noun. (context: plural in construction) A systematic collection of data on measurements or observations, often related to demographic information such as population counts, incomes, population counts at different ages, etc. ¹

3. Noun. (plural of statistic) ¹

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Definition of Statistics

1. statistic [n] - See also: statistic

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