Definition of Steam iron

1. Noun. A pressing iron that can emit steam.

Generic synonyms: Iron, Smoothing Iron

Definition of Steam iron

1. Noun. A smoothing iron that includes a system for spraying steam onto the item being ironed. ¹

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Literary usage of Steam iron

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Industrial Hydrogen by Hugh Stott Taylor (1921)
"The great bulk of hydrogen consumed in the hydrogenation of oils is produced by means of the steam-iron process. The hydrogen is generated by the ..."

2. Marine Engineers' Handbook by Frank Ward Sterling (1920)
"... salt water, oil and exhaust steam, iron fittings with pressures not to exceed 125 Ibs. and brass with pressures not to exceed 150 Ibs. American Standard ..."

3. Admiralty Jurisdiction, Law, and Practice: With an Appendix, Containing by Melvin M. Cohen (1883)
"We, the undersigned, officers and crew of steam iron fire- boat " Protector," hereby acknowledge to have received from the New Harbor Protection Company the ..."

4. The Mine, Quarry and Metallurgical Record of the United States, Canada and by Mine and Quarry News Bureau (1897)
"Steam. Iron—Pioneer Vermilion Iron Works. Pioneer mine. Open pit. ... Buckeye and Diamond mines. Bessemer ore. Steam. Iron—Hoch ..."

5. Science of Fingerprints: Classification and Uses (1988)
"This may be accomplished by the use of an oven heated to approximately 100° C., with an electric steam iron, or by blowing heated air onto the specimen. ..."

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