Definition of Steam organ

1. Noun. A musical instrument consisting of a series of steam whistles played from a keyboard.

Exact synonyms: Calliope
Generic synonyms: Instrument, Musical Instrument
Terms within: Steam Whistle

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Literary usage of Steam organ

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Forty Years of American Life by Thomas Low Nichols (1864)
"As I approached the pier, the air was filled with the music of a steam organ on one of the boats, which was played by a German musical artist, ..."

2. Forty Years of American Life by Thomas Low Nichols (1864)
"A steam organ.—The rivers.—An Irish steamboat captain, and how he came so.—A crooked river.—Planters and negroes.— Selma.—Montgomery.—African negroes. ..."

3. The London Manual for by Robert Donald (1908)
"The following are the chief of them : — steam organ?, Shooting Galleries, ... any steam organ or other musical instrument worked by mechanical means to the ..."

4. The Arts in the Middle Ages, and at the Period of the Renaissance by P. L. Jacob, James Dafforne (1870)
"But this latter might be regarded more in the light of a steam-organ ; for, like the warning whistles of our locomotives, it was worked by the effects of ..."

5. The New American Cyclopaedia: A Popular Dictionary of General Knowledge by George Ripley, Charles Anderson Dana (1861)
"... "passing through brass pipes, sends forth musical tones;" a device which would seem to have anticipated the harsh steam organ, or " Calliope," not long ..."

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