Definition of Stone parsley

1. Noun. A slender roadside herb of western Europe and Mediterranean areas that has foliage resembling parsley and has white flowers with aromatic seeds.

Exact synonyms: Sison Amomum
Generic synonyms: Herb, Herbaceous Plant
Group relationships: Genus Sison, Sison

2. Noun. Any plant of the genus Seseli having dense umbels of small white or pink flowers and finely divided foliage.
Exact synonyms: Moon Carrot
Generic synonyms: Herb, Herbaceous Plant
Group relationships: Genus Seseli, Seseli

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Literary usage of Stone parsley

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Systematic Arrangement of British Plants by William Withering, William Macgillivray (1837)
"STONE-PARSLEY. Flowers all uniform, perfect and regular. Calyx obsolete or bluntly toothed. Petals five, equal, elliptical or inversely heart- shaped, ..."

2. Tracts on homoeopathy by William Sharp (1853)
"... Lesser cardamoms, Fennel-seeds, Gentian, Seeds of the stone-parsley, Opium, Flowers of the red rose, Dittany of Crete aa 3 vi Seeds of anise, Asarum, ..."

3. British Phaenogamous Botany, Or, Figures and Descriptions of the Genera of W. (William) Baxter by W. (William) Baxter (1843)
"... will distinguish this from other genera in the same class and order. One species British. SI'SON AMO'MUM. Ginger-seeded Stone-parsley. ..."

4. A Flora of Shropshire by William Allport Leighton (1841)
"Bastard Stone-Parsley. 1. S. Amomum, Linn. Hedge Bastard Stone-Parsley. Stem panicled, very much branched ; leaves pinnate, leaflets of the lower ones ovate ..."

5. The flora of Harrow by James Cosmo Melvill (1876)
"L. (Hedge stone parsley.) Banks .and moist ground. 8, 9. Very frequent by the road side. The whole plant has a disagreeable odour. ..."

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