Definition of Stone plant

1. Noun. Any plant of the genus Lithops native to Africa having solitary yellow or white flowers and thick leaves that resemble stones.

Exact synonyms: Flowering Stone, Lithops, Living Stone, Stone Life Face, Stone-face, Stoneface
Group relationships: Genus Lithops
Generic synonyms: Succulent

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Literary usage of Stone plant

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Concrete Houses, how They Were Built: Articles Descriptive of Various Types edited by Harvey Whipple (1920)
"A Hydro-stone plant in your town will supply the enormous tonnage required ... You should establish a Hydro-stone plant or call this to the attention of ..."

2. Practical Logic, Or, The Art of Thinking: A Text-book for Schools and Colleges by Daniel Seely Gregory (1881)
"Stone, Plant, Brute, Man, etc. living Body. Body with life. Plant, Brute, Man. Animal. Body with life and sensation. Brute, Man. Man f Body with life, ..."

3. Practical Logic, Or, The Art of Thinking: A Text-book for Schools and Colleges by Daniel Seely Gregory (1881)
"From this diagram it is apparent that the concept, body, which has, as its content, only extended substance, has the greatest extent, embracing stone, plant ..."

4. Stone; an Illustrated Magazine (1899)
"Lake View, NJ stone plant FOR SALE. We offer for sale our stone plant, now located at Ft. Wayne, Ind., consisting of header, one double and two single ..."

5. Law of Real Property: Being a Complete Compendium of Real Estate Law by Emerson Etheridge Ballard, Tilghman Ethan Ballard, Arthur Walker Blakemore (1909)
"When a deed recites $5000 as the cash consideration paid and a further sum of $2500. to be paid out of the profits of a stone plant to be built on the ..."

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