Definition of Stuffed cabbage

1. Noun. Parboiled head of cabbage scooped out and filled with a hash of chopped e.g. beef or ham and baked; served with tomato or cheese sauce.

Generic synonyms: Dish

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Literary usage of Stuffed cabbage

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Picayune Creole Cook Book (1922)
"The stuffed cabbage leaves may also be thrown into boiling water for thirty minutes, after being tied together well, and served with a Cream Sauce. ..."

2. The Table: How to Buy Food, how to Cook It, and how to Serve it by Alexander Filippini (1889)
"All cabbages are blanched before using them, with the exception of stuffed cabbage, which must be left whole. 918. Cabbage with Cream. ..."

3. The Hotel St. Francis Cook Book by Victor Hirtzler (1919)
"Consomme with stuffed cabbage. Add to hot consomme one small stuffed cabbage to each person. stuffed cabbage. May be made any size, using the whole cabbage; ..."

4. How to Cook Vegetables by Olive Green (1909)
"stuffed cabbage—XII Prepare according to directions given for stuffed cabbage XI. ... stuffed cabbage—XIII Cut out the stalk end of a cabbage, ..."

5. The Royal Cookery Book: (le Livre de Cuisine) by Jules Gouffé, Alphonse Gouffé (1869)
"stuffed cabbage LETTUCE WITH CROUTONS Prepare some lettuces as directed for stuffed cabbage Lettuce Soup (vide page 237); Cut some croutons of bread-crumb ..."

6. German Cookery for the English Kitchen by Ella Oswald (1906)
"place the stuffed cabbage ball in a stewpan lined with strips of bacon. ... Pour this upon the stuffed cabbage balls and stew gently for about | hour. ..."

7. Favorite Food of Famous Folk: With Directions for the Preparation Thereof by Henry Benjamin Whipple (1900)
"... stuffed cabbage. TAKE a large head of cabbage (vegetable, mind), cut off the flat underside with dispatch (as Tammany Hall once cut off the heads of the ..."

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