Definition of Stuffed egg

1. Noun. Halved hard-cooked egg with the yolk mashed with mayonnaise and seasonings and returned to the white.

Exact synonyms: Deviled Egg
Generic synonyms: Dish

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Literary usage of Stuffed egg

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Scientific Living for Prolonging the Term of Human Life: The New Domestic by Laura Nettleton. Brown (1909)
"... NUT-stuffed egg PLANT. Tie egg plant in cheese-cloth and simmer in double boiler until tender. Take out the inside. To a part of this pulp add two eggs, ..."

2. The Mendelssohn Club Cook Book by Mendelssohn Club (Rockford, Ill.) (1909)
"stuffed egg Plant. Cut 2 egg plants in two lengthwise, slash the inner surface with the point of a knife to make a shallow incision; fry till they are soft; ..."

3. Table Talk's Illustrated Cook Book by Table Talk Publishing Co (1906)
"stuffed egg ON CAVIARE TOAST. Hard boil any number of eggs; open them carefully and replace the yolk with a mixture of potted or deviled meat and soft ..."

4. The Physiology of Taste: Harder's Book of Practical American Cookery (in Six by Jules Arthur Harder (1885)
"stuffed egg PLANT, AMERICAN STYLE. No. 684.—Cut four Egg Plants into ... stuffed egg PLANT, BRAZILIAN STYLE. No. 685.—Prepare the Egg Plant the same as No. ..."

5. Valuable Cooking Receipts by Thomas Jefferson Murrey (1880)
"stuffed egg-Plant.—Cut the egg-plant in two; scrape out all the inside and put ... stuffed egg-Plant, No. 2.—Pare off the purple rind of the egg-plant and ..."

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