Definition of Stuyvesant

1. Noun. The last Dutch colonial administrator of New Netherland; in 1664 he was forced to surrender the colony to England (1592-1672).

Exact synonyms: Peter Stuyvesant, Petrus Stuyvesant
Generic synonyms: Administrator, Executive

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Literary usage of Stuyvesant

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. English Colonies in America by John Andrew Doyle (1907)
"Between six and seven hundred men were embarked, stuyvesant and stuyvesant ... stuyvesant did not open fire, but contented himself with investing the fort ..."

2. History of New Netherland by Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan (1855)
"... about titles—stuyvesant proposes an arbitration—The commissioners, a conference, and bring forward new matter—stuyvesant waives the discussion of these, ..."

3. Collections by Massachusetts Historical Society (1871)
"PETER stuyvesant* TO JOHN WINTHROP, JR. To the right Honnorable John Winthorp, ... For a notice of Governor stuyvesant, and other letters from him, see IV. ..."

4. Documents relative to the colonial history of the state of New York by New York state, John Romeyn Brodhead, Berthold Fernow, Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan, New York (State). Legislature (1856)
"West India Company's Commission to Director stuyvesant. The Commissioners on behalf of the General Incorporated West India Company in the United Netherlands ..."

5. Documents Relative to the Colonial History of the State of New-York by John Romeyn Brodhead, Berthold Fernow, Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan, New York (State). Legislature (1858)
"Peter van stuyvesant, late Director of New Netherland, again humbly ... List of Papers which Peter stuyvesant hath delivered in to verify his Report. ..."

6. The American Colonies in the Seventeenth Century by Herbert Levi Osgood (1904)
"Naturally stuyvesant was opposed to this, and had no difficulty in persuading the council to share his opinion. By their decision not to attempt the ..."

7. The Empire State: A Compendious History of the Commonwealth of New York by Benson John Lossing (1888)
"64 ; A convention remonstrates against his rule, 65 ; Interview between stuyvesant and Beeckman and the convention ; Doings of the Swedes on the Delaware, ..."

8. Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of Chancery of the State by New York (State). Court of Chancery, New York (State), Court of Chancery (1839)
"stuyvesant. Where one person conveyed land to another for the purpose of opening a street in the city of New.York, and there was no other consideration for ..."

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