Definition of Suck up

1. Verb. Take in, also metaphorically. "She drew strength from the minister's words"

Exact synonyms: Absorb, Draw, Imbibe, Soak Up, Sop Up, Suck, Take In, Take Up
Specialized synonyms: Mop, Mop Up, Wipe Up, Blot, Sponge Up
Derivative terms: Absorber, Absorption, Imbiber, Suck, Sucker
Also: Draw In, Draw In, Suck In

2. Verb. Ingratiate oneself to; often with insincere behavior. "She is playing up to the chairman"
Exact synonyms: Cotton Up, Cozy Up, Play Up, Shine Up, Sidle Up
Generic synonyms: Ingratiate

3. Verb. Try to gain favor by cringing or flattering. "Sam and Sue suck up"; "He is always kowtowing to his boss"
Exact synonyms: Bootlick, Fawn, Kotow, Kowtow, Toady, Truckle
Generic synonyms: Blandish, Flatter
Specialized synonyms: Court Favor, Court Favour, Curry Favor, Curry Favour
Derivative terms: Bootlicker, Fawner, Kotow, Kowtow, Toady, Truckler, Truckling

Definition of Suck up

1. Verb. To absorb fluid ¹

2. Verb. (idiomatic chiefly with "to") To adulate or flatter somebody excessively, generally to obtain some personal benefit or favour. ¹

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Literary usage of Suck up

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Higher Lessons in English: A Work on English Grammar and Composition, in by Alonzo Reed, Brainerd Kellogg (1896)
"No language that cannot suck up the feeding juices secreted for it in the rich mother-earth of common folk can bring forth a sound and lusty book.—Lowell. ..."

2. Remarks on Forest Scenery and Other Woodland Views by William Gilpin (1834)
"The pine grove will always be dry, as it is the peculiar quality of its leaves to suck up moisture : but in lightness, variety, and general beauty, ..."

3. Remarks on Forest Scenery, and Other Woodland Views by William Gilpin (1834)
"The pine grove will always be dry, as it is the peculiar quality of its leaves to suck up moisture: but in ..."

4. Manual for the Physiological Laboratory by Vincent Dormer Harris, D'Arcy Power (1884)
"suck up the blood into the capillary tube, until it extends slightly beyond the five cubic millimeters mark ; remove the excess by means of a piece of clean ..."

5. A Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament: Including the Biblical by Wilhelm Gesenius, Edward Robinson (1844)
"to lick, to suck up. — Por Wb Job 6, 3, see r. nsb . PIL. Sbrb to suck up blood' Job 39, 30 [33]; if we read Wbsb for isb*11, sec in sbs. NOTE. ..."

6. An Etymological Dictionary of the English Language by Walter William Skeat (1893)
"More has absorp! as a past participle, Works, p. 2670 (R.) —Lat. absorbere, to suck up. ... lo suck up. ..."

7. The Manna of the Soul: Meditations for Each Day of the Year by Paolo Segneri (1892)
"Her young ones shall suck up blood, and wheresoever the carcass shall be, she is immediately there (Job xxxix. 27—3°)- I. Consider first, ..."

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