Definition of Take form

1. Verb. Develop into a distinctive entity. "Our plans began to take shape"

Exact synonyms: Form, Spring, Take Shape
Specialized synonyms: Regenerate
Generic synonyms: Become
Derivative terms: Formation

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Literary usage of Take form

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Journal of the Great War by Charles Gates Dawes (1921)
"As soon as the French have named their representative it will be possible to consider these plans more in detail, and as soon as they take form I shall come ..."

2. History of the German Struggle for Liberty by Poultney Bigelow (1903)
"IV THE GERMAN EMPIRE COMMENCES TO take form "If Germany is ever to realize her high destiny as a citizen of the world, her neighbors of kindred stock and ..."

3. The Peace Conference Day by Day: A Presidential Pilgrimage Leading to the by Charles Thaddeus Thompson (1920)
"... PLANS take form PRESIDENT WILSON had a parting experience, just before he got off for America, of which little or nothing was allowed to get beyond the ..."

4. Before Port Arthur in a Destroyer: The Personal Diary of a Japanese Naval by Hesibo Tikowara, Robert Francis Sidney Grant (1907)
"... to me that it is advisable for all, white and yellow, to dissipate an error and drive away a bugbear which can only take form in a diseased imagination. ..."

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