Definition of Tap dance

1. Noun. A dance step tapped out audibly with the feet.

2. Verb. Perform a tap dance. "Sam and Sue tap dance"

Definition of Tap dance

1. Noun. A rhythmic dance in which the heels and toes of the dancer's shoes make a series of clicks ¹

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Literary usage of Tap dance

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Hartwick New York--Heart of Otsego County by Town of Hartwick Historical Society (2002)
"... Rhythm Tap, by the Teenage Group; song by Bonnie & Suzanne Jensen; tap dance by Carole Burch; ..."

2. Jazz on Film and Video in the Library of Congress by Rebecca D. Clear (1994)
"... Laurence Donald "Baby Laurence" Jackson and his "personal history" of tap dance, stating the case along the way for the neglected art. ..."

3. Small Pieces Loosely Joined: A Unified Theory of the Web by David Weinberger (2002)
"In a digital environment, this would sound like the fastest one-footed tap dance in history; communications over analog phone lines result in the familiar ..."

4. Canada by Jane M. Coe (1995)
"Show students how to "dance" while sitting down and using heel and toe, tap-dance, or clogging motions. Sing a repeat song, such as Old MacDonald Had a Farm ..."

5. Energy: Light, Heat & Sound by Don Robison, Jo Ellen Moor (1998)
"Consider questions like these: "If you were going to tap dance, which surface would you want?" "If you didn't want to wake up a baby, which surface would ..."

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