Definition of Tap dancer

1. Noun. A dancer who sounds out rhythms by using metal taps on the toes and heels of the shoes.

Exact synonyms: Tapper
Generic synonyms: Dancer, Professional Dancer, Terpsichorean
Derivative terms: Tap

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Literary usage of Tap dancer

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Catskills Alive! by Francine Silverman (2003)
"... turn left onto Samsonville Road and follow it a few miles to the ranch. FAMOUS FACES Peg-Leg Bates, the world-renowned one-legged tap dancer and ..."

2. Daytrips Washington, D. C.: 50 One-Day Adventures in Washington, Virginia by Earl Steinbicker (1999)
"Amble west on Leigh Street to Adams Street, where you'll see the Bill "Bojangles" Robinson Statue (15) memorializing the famous tap dancer who was born ..."

3. Family Words: The Dictionary for People Who Don't Know a Frone from a Brinkle by Paul Dickson (1998)
"... ‘A tap dancer.' Now It means ‘A lion.” Living Room Quality. That which is only good enough to show to the relatives In the privacy of the family ..."

4. Jazz on Film and Video in the Library of Congress by Rebecca D. Clear (1994)
"tap dancer Private Andrew Brown performs the title number. Red Hot Heat opens with Duke Ellington's "Sophisticated Lady," while showing a line of chorus ..."

5. Asymmetric Marketing: Tossing the 'Chasm' in the Age of the Software Superpowers by Joseph E. Bentzel (2006)
"... Beetlejuice... and a dead, larcenous Vegas tap-dancer resembling Michael Keaton jumped out of a miniature sports car on his desk and offered to remove a ..."

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