Definition of Tapelines

1. Noun. (plural of tapeline) ¹

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Definition of Tapelines

1. tapeline [n] - See also: tapeline

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Literary usage of Tapelines

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Annual Report by New Jersey Civil Service Commission (1908)
"... hatchets, tapelines, keel or marking chalk, stakes, profile and drawing paper, tracing linen or paper, cross- section paper, transit and level books, ..."

2. Rural Affairs by John Jacob Thomas (1881)
"In measuring dry goods, a wooden metre is used, graduated to decimetres only. Surveyors and engineers use tapelines and chains ten ..."

3. Digest of Decisions of the Courts and Interstate Commerce Commission Under by Edward Beauchamp Peirce (1908)
"Tacks, tapelines, Tin cups, Tool steel, for small hand tools, Tripoli, Trucks, Twine, Wash basins, Wheelbarrows, Whetstones, White lead. ..."

4. The Science of Railways by Marshall Monroe Kirkman (1904)
"... Saws, in repairs of road way I, Wire, Scythes, tapelines, Scrap boxes, Tamping bars, Wrenches, etc. Semaphores, Tie plates, RENEWALS OF BAILS. ..."

5. Forestry Quarterlyby New York State College of Forestry by New York State College of Forestry (1907)
"... Plane-Tables, Chains, tapelines, and other instruments used by Foresters, and we invite correspondence from any one interested in forestry work. ..."

6. Autobiography, with Reports and Documents by Elizur Brace Hinsdale (1901)
"In commerce it has been found to have the same fault that rubber has for tapelines—too elastic, too uncertain. The South and the West have been clamorous ..."

7. Bulletin of the Department of Labor by United States Dept. of Labor (1898)
"In making their original locations prospectors who were not provided with tapelines stepped off the distance and set their stakes at what they considered ..."

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