Definition of Terminal leave

1. Noun. Final leave before discharge from military service.

Generic synonyms: Leave, Leave Of Absence

Definition of Terminal leave

1. Noun. Leave (gloss vacation) from employment whose conclusion (gloss end) coincides with the conclusion of the employment. ¹

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Literary usage of Terminal leave

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Student's Flora of the British Islands by Joseph Dalton Hooker (1878)
"... stout, fleshy ; buds terminal. LeaveĀ« 6-10 in. diam., deeply 2-lobed at the base ; lobes contiguous ; petiole very long. Flowers white. ..."

2. Joint Report with Comprehensive Plan and Recommendations by William Russell Willcox (1920)
"A line-haul locomotive would bring a solid train to a terminal, leave it on a receiving track and pick up an outgoing train waiting at the same terminal. ..."

3. Electricity in our homes and workshops by Sydney Ferris Walker (1889)
"... directly together, and none when the key and hook switch are in circuit, the fault is in the instrument. Connect the line wire to its terminal, leave ..."

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