Definition of Think piece

1. Noun. An article in a newspaper or magazine or journal that represents opinions and ideas and discussion rather than bare facts.

Generic synonyms: Article

Definition of Think piece

1. Noun. An in-depth article that discusses a topic thoroughly and elaborates the writer's point of view, to inspire deep thought related to the article's subject. Think pieces are usually published in magazines, newspapers or web sites. ¹

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Literary usage of Think piece

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Proceedings of National Convention (1919)
"GEORGE F. BARBER: I think piece rates are better than week rates. H. LEVY (Specialty Paper Box Co.): If we have a girl on piecework and a girl on week work, ..."

2. Sessional Papers (1900)
"What were they bales of P—I should think piece- re at all. After having reported to the Health Officer my goods covered with brown canvas cloth. ..."

3. Recurring Logistic Problems as I Have Observed Themby Carter Bowie Magruder by Carter Bowie Magruder (1994)
"Magruder was the soul of precision, so he received a formal memorandum which requested that he write a "think piece" that would "plumb all of your ..."

4. Journalby California Legislature by California Legislature (1887)
"I think piece work is the best way. The stamp certainly ought to go into the market, if only because the public are now daily defrauded by manufacturers. ..."

5. A Plea for the Antiquity of Heraldry: With an Attempt to Expound Its Theory by William Smith Ellis (1853)
"410), is a letter from the the great event it represents; I think piece of needlework. " The tradition," executed at the order and cost of the distinguished ..."

6. Toward a Sustainable Energy Future by International Energy Agency (2001)
"The OECD/EST "vision" of a sustainable transport future in 2030 is currently just that - an internally consistent think- piece that captures the imagination ..."

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