Definition of Think twice

1. Verb. Consider and reconsider carefully. "Think twice before you have a child"

Generic synonyms: Consider, Debate, Deliberate, Moot, Turn Over

Definition of Think twice

1. Verb. (idiomatic) to reconsider, use judgement; to proceed with caution or thought ¹

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Literary usage of Think twice

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Austin Elliot by Henry Kingsley (1863)
"You should think twice before you refuse me," said Gil, eagerly. ... think twice." " It is quite impossible. Don't think me unkind, ..."

2. Letters of Eminent Persons, Addressed to David Hume by John Hill Burton (1849)
"... who also desires to know the particulars — A triumph to Voltaire — Bids Hume think twice before exposing his griefs to the public — An abridgement of ..."

3. The Manuscripts of the Earl Cowper, K. G.: Preserved at Melbourne Hall by John Coke, Thomas Coke, Francis Thomas De Grey Cowper Cowper, William Dashwood Fane (1888)
"And when I have told you my business, will advise you to think twice . . You are well employed in the country. I wish I might be so too. 1696, November 19. ..."

4. Italian Characters in the Epoch of Unification by Evelyn Martinengo Cesaresco (1890)
"He bade the father think twice before he gave it. "Are you aware," he said, "that such is my esteem for you that I should place him always in the van ? ..."

5. Pleasant Recollections of Characters and Works of Noble Men: With Old Scenes by John Burgess (1887)
"So, you see, " haste makes waste," and we should always be ready to " think twice before we speak or act onoe." Yet I do believe he was a Christian man, ..."

6. The woman in white by Wilkie Collins (1871)
"think twice about it." " I am sure your warning is kindly meant, Mrs. Clements. But I am determined to see the woman, whatever comes of it. ..."

7. The Salt-cellars: Being a Collection of Proverbs, Together with Homely Notes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1889)
"think twice over a great bargain, and then leave it. For in what seems a great bargain the chances are that we are taken in, or else we are making a market ..."

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