Definition of Three-piece suit

1. Noun. A business suit consisting of a jacket and vest and trousers.

Generic synonyms: Business Suit
Terms within: Vest, Waistcoat

Definition of Three-piece suit

1. Noun. A suit consisting of matching jacket, trousers(,) and waistcoat. ¹

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Literary usage of Three-piece suit

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. An Introduction to Mathematical Analysis by Frank Loxley Griffin (1922)
"(k) A clown make up a three-piece " suit," if he has 8 coats, 4 vests, and 10 pairs of trousers? (I) A committee of six Republicans and five Democrats be ..."

2. Factory Costs: A Work of Reference for Cost Accountants and Factory Managers by Frank Erastus Webner (1911)
"In the form shown each order represents a three-piece suit. Two-piece suits would be entered on another sheet or book of similar characteristics. ..."

3. In a Family Way by Rochelle Hollander Schwab (1995)
"As Shari sat down, Sonya glanced at the adjacent table where Keith sat next to his lawyer, a slender, light-skinned black man, who wore his three-piece suit ..."

4. The Art of the Novelist by Henry Burrowes Lathrop (1919)
"... parlours of every degree of expensiveness from the plush-three- piece-suit parlour to the sunken-fountain-with- palms parlour. ..."

5. Well, why Not! by Thomas Lansing Masson (1921)
"He would have to adorn his extremities with female shoes, and hide his embarrassment in a three-piece suit so perishable that no Trust Company would dare to ..."

6. Searchlights on Some American Industries by James Cooke Mills (1911)
"The cost of a good woven fabric suitable for a three-piece suit of clothes is only one dollar, and the kind used for overalls and jackets costs only ..."

7. Business Costs by De Witt Carl Eggleston, Frederick Bertrand Robinson (1921)
"The elements of cost for clothing such as a three-piece suit have been stated by the Tariff Board as follows: A. COST OF STOCK: 1'. Cost of cloth 2. ..."

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