Definition of Three-ply

1. Adjective. Having a thickness made up of three layers or strands. "Three-ply yarn"

Similar to: Thick

Definition of Three-ply

1. Adjective. Having three strands or layers ¹

2. Noun. Yarn having three strands ¹

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Literary usage of Three-ply

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature by H.W. Wilson Company (1915)
"Dial 58:287-9 Ap 15 '15 three-ply thread of life. Dial 58:101-3 F 15 '15 Moore, Charles N. Correlation and disciplinary values. School and Soc 2:378-85 S 11 ..."

2. Street Railways: Their Construction, Operation and Maintenance. (Trams) A by Charles Bryant Fairchild (1892)
"THREE PLY VENEER. A great variety of goods are embraced under this heading, ... The woods from which three ply veneers are usually made are maple, birch, ..."

3. Practical Shipbuilding: A Treatise on the Structural Design and Building of by A. Campbell Holms (1918)
"In watertight work three-ply rivets are usually regarded as objectionable. ... A similarly defective three-ply rivet is shown in Fig. ..."

4. Reports of the Cambridge Anthropological Expedition to Torres Straits by Alfred Cort Haddon, William Halse Rivers Rivers, Charles Gabriel Seligman, Charles Samuel Myers, William McDougall, Sidney Herbert Ray, Anthony Wilkin (1912)
"changing into a three-ply plait for 42 cm., broadening into a five-ply plait which continues for 1*1 m. (41 in.) until the central belt is reached. ..."

5. Indian Basketry by George Wharton James (1903)
"three-ply twine, b. three-ply braid, c. three-ply, false embroidery, ... (a) three-ply TWINE (Figs. 2o6 and 2o7).— In this technic the basket weaver holds ..."

6. International Library of Technology: A Series of Textbooks for Persons by International Textbook Company (1906)
"... three, or 'more strands twisted together at one operation, and they are distinguished from one another by the terms two-ply, three-ply, and so on, ..."

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