Definition of Time slot

1. Noun. A time assigned on a schedule or agenda. "An aircraft landing slot"

Exact synonyms: Slot
Generic synonyms: Interval, Time Interval
Derivative terms: Slot

Definition of Time slot

1. Noun. (alternative form of timeslot) ¹

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Literary usage of Time slot

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Measurements for Competitiveness in Electronics (1994)
"Each sender acquires temporary ownership of a certain, repeating time slot in the multiplexed data stream, whether or not any data are sent in that slot. ..."

2. Re-Visioning Television: Policy, Strategy and Models for the Sustainable by Adrian Hadland, Mike Aldridge, Joshua Ogada (2007)
"The broadcast fee for a half-hour time slot in prime time is Au$440 plus sales tax, ... These profit-driven programmes may be screened in any time slot not ..."

3. National Computer Security Conference Proceedings, 1992: Information Systems by DIANE Publishing Company (1992)
"The share for a level is the length of its time slot in the sequence or, ... Only processes at the proper level run during the time slot for a level. ..."

4. SAS/OR(R) 9.1.2 User's Guide:: Mathematical Programming by SAS Institute, SAS Publishing, Trevor Kearney, Virginia Clark, Donna Sawyer (2004)
"Using PROC ASSIGN with a BY Statement A major beverage company wants to assign TV commercials to television commercial time slot openings in a way that ..."

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