Definition of Tinbergen

1. Noun. Dutch zoologist who showed that much animal behavior is innate and stereotyped (1907-1988).

Exact synonyms: Nikolaas Tinbergen
Generic synonyms: Animal Scientist, Zoologist

2. Noun. Dutch economist noted for his work in econometrics (1903-1994).
Exact synonyms: Jan Tinbergen
Generic synonyms: Economic Expert, Economist

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Literary usage of Tinbergen

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Isolation and Aggregation in Economics by Ekkehart Schlicht (1985)
"5 And tinbergen says: "In most cases only small changes in structure will occur in the ... But as to the implications, tinbergen and Keynes part company. ..."

2. Investing in Biological Diversity: The Cairns Conference : Proceedings of by OECD Staff, A01, (Paris) Organisation for Economic Co-ope (1997)
"Allowing and planning for change The tinbergen ... tinbergen. J. (1950), On the theory of economic policy. Elsevier. North Holland. ..."

3. Trade, Agriculture And Development: Policies Working Together by Oecd Global Forum on Agriculture (2006)
"Some underlying theoretical concepts of PCD According to the theory of economic policy elaborated by tinbergen (1952), "economic policy systems" are ..."

4. The Language of Foreign Affairs (1987)
"... MAN'S CLUB see OECD RlO PROJECT: A project sponsored by the Club of Rome and directed by Jan tinbergen, the Dutch Nobel Prize winner in economics, ..."

5. United Nations System, The; The Policies of Member States by Chadwick F. Alger, Gene Martin Lyons, John E. Trent (1995)
"Nobel prize winner Jan tinbergen was one of many leading Dutch ... tinbergen also headed the UN Committee for Development Planning - a committee consisting ..."

6. Report of the Hundred and Thirteenth Round Table on Transport Economics by Ecmt, ECMT Staff, Centre Economic Research, (Paris) European Conference of Ministers, Economic Research Centre, Economics Round Table on Transport (2001)
"Van Klink, HA (1995), Towards the borderless mainport Rotterdam: an analysis of functional, spatial and administrative dynamics in port systems, tinbergen ..."

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