Definition of To one ear

1. Adverb. In a monaural manner. "The stimuli were presented monaurally"

Exact synonyms: In One Ear, Monaurally
Antonyms: Binaurally
Partainyms: Monaural

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Literary usage of To one ear

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Pharmaceutical Journal by Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (1860)
"... and as water under the circumstances gives an augmentation of sound sufficient to restrict to one ear, an aural illusion may be produced by having two ..."

2. A Letter to the Bishop of Exeter: Containing an Examination of His Letter to by William Goode (1850)
"... without the use of language to which (familiar as controversy with your Lordship may make it to one's ear) I shall not lend myself. ..."

3. The Physical examination of the chest in pulmonary consumption and its by Somerville Scott Alison (1861)
"The first of which I shall treat is the restriction of hearing external sounds of the same character to one ear, when the intensity is moderately, ..."

4. The Dublin Quarterly Journal of Medical Science: Consisting of Original (1861)
"The same sound conveyed to one ear a little stronger, and the same sound conveyed a little weaker to the other ear, is or seems to be heard through that ear ..."

5. The New World of Science: Its Development During the War by Robert Mearns Yerkes (1920)
"The one consisted in rotating the whole receiving system, one side of which was connected with a rubber tube to one ear, the other side in the same way to ..."

6. The Blot Upon the Brain: Studies in History and Psychology by William Wotherspoon Ireland (1886)
"This is, moreover, the only case with which I am acquainted where the hallucinations wore confined to one ear." On careful inquiry, it was found that ..."

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