Definition of To a T

1. Adverb. In every detail. "The new house suited them to a T"

Definition of To a T

1. Adverb. (idiomatic) Precisely; exactly; perfectly; with great attention to detail. ¹

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Literary usage of To a T

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Treatise on Rivers and Canals: Relating to the Control and Improvement of by Leveson Francis Vernon-Harcourt (1882)
"... what the maxima discharges in times of flood amount to at different periods of the year, at what periods the floods generally occur, and to what extent ..."

2. The Methods and Machinery of Practical Banking by Claudius Buchanan Patten (1891)
"... San Francisco, and Washington, shall at all times have on hand, in lawful money of the United States, an amount equal to at least twenty-five per centum ..."

3. Railway Coemployment by Margaret Anna Schaffner (1905)
"Requires a reserve equal to at least 15% of demand deposits. In lieu of lawful money, ^ of such reserve may consist of balances payable on demand due from ..."

4. A History of the American People by Woodrow Wilson (1902)
"... at such time and place as they shall adjourn to at the last preceding meeting, or as they shall be called to meet at by the President-General on any ..."

5. Peterson's Magazine (1876)
"... a keen longing to at her; he will at least have a clear memory of! be something better than he is—something not her face to carry away with him. ..."

6. Palmer's Index to "The Times" Newspaper (1870)
"... 19 о 94 Ripon (Bishop of), Visitation, 22 о 5/ • (Dean of), Statue to, at Liverpool, 29 о 6 с— Kitchen, 15 n 6 d Bobbery, Daring, at Mr. Bennett's in ..."

7. The Works of Hannah More: With a Sketch of Her Life by Hannah More (1827)
"... the children of the rich, exposed to at least as strong temptations, not indeed to steal, but to violate other commandments of equal authority? ..."

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