Definition of Toxic waste dump

1. Noun. A location where toxic wastes can be or have been disposed of (often illegally).

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Literary usage of Toxic waste dump

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Toxicology and Environmental Health Information Resources: The Role of the edited by Catharyn T. Liverman, Carrie E. Ingalls, Carolyn E. Fulco, Howard M. Kipen (1998)
"... (EPA) estimates that one in four Americans (including 10 million children under the age of 12) lives within 4 miles of a toxic waste dump (EPA, 1996). ..."

2. The Health Gap: Beyond Pregnancy and Reproduction by Jennifer Kitts, Janet Hatcher Roberts (1996)
"If the community lives near a toxic waste dump, which community members — men, women, or children — are at home all day and most exposed to the dump? ..."

3. The Military Commander & the Law edited by Richard A. Gittins (1998)
"... event or disaster — Examples: — Cuyahoga River fire (1969) led to Clean Water Act — Love Canal (New York) neighborhood built on old toxic waste dump; ..."

4. Accounting for Pow/Mias from the Korean War and the Vietnam War: Hearing edited by Robert K. Dornan (1998)
"The policy people manipulating the affair have maintained their distance and remained hidden in the shadows, while using the Office as a "toxic waste dump" ..."

5. Environmental Epidemiology by National Research Council (U. S.), National Research Council (1991)
"Liver dysfunction in residents exposed to leachate from a toxic waste dump. Environ. Health Perspect. 48:9-13. Miettinen, OS 1985. ..."

6. Bucks County & the Delaware River Valley Alive by Shari Mycek (2002)
"SPINSTERS RECORDS & toxic waste dump Thousands of new, used, imported and rare recordings are found here. In the back of the store, there are nearly as many ..."

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