Definition of Toxic waste site

1. Noun. A location where toxic wastes can be or have been disposed of (often illegally).

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Literary usage of Toxic waste site

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Superfund And Mining Megasites: Lessons from the Coeur D'alene River Basin by Best, National Research Council (U. S.), A01, ebrary, Inc (2005)
"For this reason, the presence of a toxic waste site may induce chronic stress ... Living near a toxic waste site is associated with health effects that can ..."

2. Cleaning Up the Superfund Program: Hearing Before the Committee on edited by David M. McIntosh (1999)
"... the direct line of impact of this nation's waste sites, and the seventy-four million other Americans who live within five miles of a toxic waste site. ..."

3. Are We Cleaning Up?: Ten Superfund Case Studies (1994)
"... paid for by the government, if necessary, or by responsible parties identified as having contributed to creating the uncontrolled toxic waste site. ..."

4. Superfund: Times to Complete the Assessment and Cleanup of Hazardous Waste Sites by James F. Donaghy (1997)
"For communities near a toxic waste site, the time taken to investigate and decide on a site's listing may indeed be relevant and an early decision may be ..."

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