Definition of Transfer agent

1. Noun. An agency (usually a bank) that is appointed by a corporation to keep records of its stock and bond owners and to resolve problems about certificates.

Generic synonyms: Agency

Definition of Transfer agent

1. Noun. (legal) An entity designated by a publicly-traded corporation to keep track of the ownership of the corporation's stocks and bonds ¹

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Literary usage of Transfer agent

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Corporate Organization and Management by Thomas Conyngton, Helen Potter (1917)
"transfer agent and Registrar A transfer agent in the modern acceptation of the ... A transfer agent usually keeps the stock certificate book in his custody. ..."

2. Wills, Estates, and Trusts: A Manual of Law, Accounting, and Procedure, for by Thomas Conyngton, Harold C. Knapp, Paul Whittier Pinkerton (1921)
"It may act as its own transfer agent but cannot act as both its own transfer agent and registrar. It is also true that one person or corporation cannot act ..."

3. The Law of Railways: Embracing the Law of Corporations, Eminent Domain by Isaac Fletcher Redfield (1888)
"It was decided in the Superior Court of the city of New York,* that the possession by the transfer agent of a corporation 1 Davis v. ..."

4. A Manual of Corporate Organization: Containing Information, Directions and by Thomas Conyngton (1913)
"transfer agent and Registrar In the larger corporations, or. in any corporation where the transfers of stock are numerous, the employment of special ..."

5. Practical Bank Operation by Loyd Helvetius Langston, First National City Bank of New York (1921)
"It is proper, and in the case of small corporations it is the usual practice for the corporation to act as its own transfer agent. The stocks of many of the ..."

6. Banking Practice: A Textbook for Colleges and Schools of Business Administration by Loyd Helvetius Langston, Nathan Ruggles Whitney (1921)
"When a bank is appointed transfer agent for a corporation, it becomes the custodian of the stock transfer book and the stock ledger, together with a supply ..."

7. Corporation Procedure: Law, Finance, Accounting by Thomas Conyngton, Robert Joseph Bennett, Paul Whittier Pinkerton, Hugh Ronald Conyngton (1922)
"transfer agent and Registrar A transfer agent, in the modern acceptation of the term, is one who supervises and certifies transfers of corporate stock. ..."

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