Definition of Travel expense

1. Noun. (frequently plural) expenses incurred by an employee in the performance of the job and usually reimbursed by the employer.

Language type: Plural, Plural Form
Generic synonyms: Expense

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Literary usage of Travel expense

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Forest Owners' Guide to the Federal Income Tax by William C. Siegel, William L. Hoover, Harry L. Haney, Jr., Karen Liu (1996)
"... 32 Young growth Young growth transferred to pulpwood timber account (value not shown) 11/01/93 travel expense 33 Cash Routine inspection of boundaries, ..."

2. The Need for a National Budget: Message from the President of the United by Frederick Albert Cleveland (1912)
"travel expense: " It shall be the duty of each executive department and other ... "travel expense of officers and employees," in accordance with law. ..."

3. Sas/stat 9.1 User's Guide by SAS Institute, Virginia Clark (2004)
"Sample Selection Summary travel expense Audit The ... ‘travel expense Audit'; title2 ‘ Sample Selected by Stratified PPS Design'; ..."

4. Manual of the United States Reclamation Service by United States Bureau of Reclamation (1917)
"... should be plainly stated in the order, as well as all points to be covered by the particular trip authorized. (See travel expense; Subsistence. ..."

5. Americans by Choice by John Palmer Gavit (1922)
"... reduce the travel expense and to bring the service in actual personal contact with the public and the courts as intimately as possible. ..."

6. Altova Mapforce 2005 User & Reference Manual by Altova (2005)
"MapForce 2005 tutorial Tutorial example: ln the tutorial, a simple employee travel expense report will be mapped to a more complex company report. ..."

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