Definition of True fir

1. Noun. Any of various evergreen trees of the genus Abies; chiefly of upland areas.

Exact synonyms: Fir, Fir Tree
Group relationships: Abies, Genus Abies
Terms within: Fir
Specialized synonyms: Silver Fir, Abies Bracteata, Abies Venusta, Bristlecone Fir, Santa Lucia Fir
Terms within: Fir Cone
Generic synonyms: Conifer, Coniferous Tree

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Literary usage of True fir

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Children's Friend. by Berquin (Arnaud) (1788)
"D. true fir. (Coldly.} She has retired to a cottage, where me lives quite alone and retired. I never go to fee her.^ 1 am her brother, and could not bear ..."

2. Conservation and Development of Nontimber Forest Products in the Pacific edited by Bettina Von Hagen, James F. Weigand, Rebecca McLain, Roger Fight (1998)
"Four plots in two forest types (pine and pine-true fir) were inventoried. The pine forest contained more species of edible mushrooms as compared to the ..."

3. Forest Health in the Inland West: A Symposium by David L. Adams, Lyn Morelan (1995)
"SBW is a serious problem in dry Douglas-fir and dry true fir ... In the absence of fire, true fir and Douglas-fir have invaded these dry sites and ..."

4. The Comedies and Tragedies of George Chapman: Now First Collected by George Chapman (1873)
"Late. O fir blacke will beare no other hue. Foy. O fir blacke is a pearle in a womans eye. Lem. You fay true fir, you fay true fir, ..."

5. The California Spotted Owl: A Technical Assessment of Its Current Status. by Jared Verner (1994)
"Note that many estimates made at that time underestimated the volume in true fir. because those trees were not considered merchantable unless they were at ..."

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