Definition of True flycatcher

1. Noun. Any of a large group of small songbirds that feed on insects taken on the wing.

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Literary usage of True flycatcher

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Bird Neighbors: An Introductory Acquaintance with One Hundred and Fifty by Neltje Blanchan (1904)
"In common with several others of its family, it is exceedingly expert in catching insects on the wing ; but it may be known as no true flycatcher from the ..."

2. Proceedings by Zoological Society of London (1858)
"Has much the same habits as the true Flycatcher ; frequenting woods and forests, it sports from branch to branch after insects. Not uncommon in the forests ..."

3. Penny Cyclopaedia of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge by Charles Knight (1841)
"... where they represent the true flycatcher (Muscicapa) of the Old World: both have nearly the same manners ; and so closely do they resemble each other, ..."

4. The Auk: Quarterly Journal of Ornithology by American Ornithologists' Union, Nuttall Ornithological Club (1876)
"He is also dealing with a true Flycatcher—not with anv Warbler, or Vireo, or even Fly-catching Warbler of his genus Sylvania — all of which he is perfectly ..."

5. Nests and Eggs of North American Birds by Oliver Davie (1900)
"The external or greater portion of the nest is composed of hempen fibres, internally lined in true Flycatcher style with fine grasses. ..."

6. The Birds of America by John James Audubon (1840)
"... snapping its bill like a true Flycatcher, now and then making little sallies after a group of those diminutive flies that seem as if dancing in the air, ..."

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