Definition of Turn indicator

1. Noun. A blinking light on a motor vehicle that indicates the direction in which the vehicle is about to turn.

Exact synonyms: Blinker, Trafficator, Turn Signal
Group relationships: Electrical System
Generic synonyms: Visual Signal
Derivative terms: Blink

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Literary usage of Turn indicator

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Primer of Air Navigation by Harry Egerton Wimperis (1920)
"indicator described below, the compass not being referred to at all until the turn indicator shows that the craft is again flying straight. 46. ..."

2. NBS Special Publication (1920)
"The particular type of turn indicator which has been developed depends upon the principle that, due to inertia, a jet of air issuing from a short tube ..."

3. Transactions by American Society of Mechanical Engineers (1921)
"Such an instrument is available in the gyroscopic turn indicator referred to above. ... If pilots are properly educated in the use of the turn indicator, ..."

4. The Military Dictionary (1987)
"See also turnaround. turn indicator—(DOD, NATO) An instrument which displays the aircraft's rate and direction of turn. turning movement—(DOD, ..."

5. Adventure Guide to New Zealand by Bette Flagler (2005)
"... getting up the hill, you may notice the driver putting on his/her right turn indicator. That's a sign for you that the road is clear and you can pass. ..."

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