Definition of Turn to

1. Verb. Speak to. "He addressed the crowd outside the window"

Exact synonyms: Address
Generic synonyms: Communicate, Intercommunicate
Specialized synonyms: Ask, Address, Call
Derivative terms: Addressee

2. Verb. Direct one's interest or attention towards; go into. "People turn to mysticism at the turn of a millennium"

Definition of Turn to

1. Verb. (context: said of objects) to become, to degenerate into. ¹

2. Verb. to consult for advice ¹

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Literary usage of Turn to

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Republic of Plato by Plato (1903)
"in high repute, when even freemen in great numbers eagerly turn to these professions ?" " Certainly." XIV. " Can you possibly find a stronger proof of a ..."

2. A Dictionary of the English Language: In which the Words are Deduced from Samuel Johnson by Samuel Johnson (1805)
"Bacon, Let their vanity be flattered with things that will do them good; and let their pride set them on work on something which may turn to their advantage ..."

3. The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare (1912)
"NB All who address the Duke must turn to him; half addressing him, and the audience. ... turn to ..."

4. An Etymological Dictionary of the English Language by Walter William Skeat (1893)
"... to turn to charcoal. (E.) Charcoal occurs in Butler's Hudibras, pt. ii. c. ... And again: 'But though the whole world turn to coal ; ' G. Herbert's ..."

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