Definition of Turn the tide

1. Verb. Cause a complete reversal of the circumstances. "The tables are turned now that the Republicans are in power!"

Exact synonyms: Turn The Tables
Generic synonyms: Change By Reversal, Reverse, Turn

Definition of Turn the tide

1. Verb. (idiomatic) To make a change, or reversal of general opinion. ¹

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Literary usage of Turn the tide

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Memoirs of the Life of Colonel Hutchinson ..: With Original Anecdotes of by Lucy Apsley Hutchinson, Julius Hutchinson (1822)
"... he stopp'd his course to take in that place, where he stay'd to turn the tide of his good fortune, as his general 1, my Lord of Newcastle, did, ..."

2. Collection of the Most Celebrated Voyages and Travels from the Discovery of by Forster, R. P (1818)
"I continued my endeavours to turn the tide of affairs, when Christian changed the cutlass he had in his hand for a bayonet that was brought to him, ..."

3. Abraham Lincoln: Complete Works, Comprising His Speeches, Letters, State by Abraham Lincoln, John George Nicolay, John Hay (1894)
"... you can turn the tide. I think you had better send a courier to Burnside to hurry him up. We cannot reach him by telegraph. ..."

4. Rose-Belford's Canadian Monthly and National Review edited by Graeme Mercer Adam, George Stewart (1880)
"TRYING TO turn the tide. ... turn the tide. Some cried for an ebb, some cried for a flow, ... calling, seeming to say, ' Mighty One, turn the tide ! ..."

5. Lord Hotta, the Pioneer Diplomat of Japan by Henry Satoh (1908)
"... attempts to turn the tide unsuccessful. The Imperial Reply deprives the Shogunate of its authority to use its own discretion. ..."

6. Specific Diagnosis and Specific Medication by John William Fyfe, John Milton Scudder (1909)
"If to-day we can arrest the wrongs of life now present, and turn the tide toward the standard of health, well. If not, we wish to make provision, ..."

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